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At Shirenewton Primary we offer a wide variety of exciting extra curricular activities to take part in during and after school.

After School Club

Our After School Club is run externally by ASC Phillips and is available from 3.30pm until 5.55pm each school day. Further details and bookings can be made by contacting or 07753395563. 


Sports Clubs

Our sports clubs are run by ASD Limited and are open to all children. The different clubs they offer are seasonal and available to all.

Minecraft Club

Each week our after school Minecraft Club starts with a quick build competition based on the term's theme. The students have great fun coming up with their quick creations and choosing who should be the winner from the club.

The chosen winner from the school is then published on the Mi Little Pad website each week for parents, teachers and children to vote on!

The winner each week from all the schools around the country earn points for a leaderboard.

Staff & Parent Led Clubs

We offer a wide range of school clubs to pupils during and at the end of the school day. All of these clubs are free of charge and are publicised to the children in school as well as in the school newsletter.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast club is an easy way to save some time before going to work and a fun way to start the day for your child. You can play loads of fun games like 4 in a row, Chess and Tummy Ache. The staff there are very nice and you can have toast with all sorts of spread, cereal and many more.

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